We reflect your needs

We stand as highly respected professionals in steel production

Flexible production

Production of precise parts

Lasercut molding

Steel Welding


Capable of small and midsize series assembling
Flexible to adapt to your needs

Powder-lacquer coating

Disposing with modern powder-lacquer line to accommodate your needs as well as our company requirements

Equipped with top level of modern technologies

COMWA l.t.d.

26 years of field experience, steelwork and metal cutting

Since the birth of our company, we have mainly focused on supplying our customers individually. Germany and other western European countries. We have a plethora of experience in supplying, german market especially. Our team of qualified employees and our equally sourced technical equipment gives us the opportunity to sell a product at a reasonable price, maintain product quality, product deadlines and its delivery. Of high importance for our company are also customs duty toll and individual delivery to customer. We are equipped with highly qualified regional managers for our german market.


The Traditional employer in the Přeštice region Title

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COMWA l.t.d.

Husova 1411
334 01 Přeštice

+420 377 982 820