Machinery Equipment

We stand as highly respected professionals in steel production

• CNC punching press TruPunch 5000, TRUMATIC 5000 R.
• CNC press-brake TRUMABEND V50, V130, TRUBEND 5085, with option of sheet metal curving to the length 3000 mm.
• Laser branding machine TRULASER 3030
• Deburring machine TIMESAVERS RB-SERIES 42
• Welding machines for welding protective atmosphere method MIG-MAG ( steel sheets) and TIG method for welding aluminum sheets and stainless steel sheets.
• Spot welding machine.
• CNC device for bolt welding, female screw/metal nut welding, joint welding...
• Eccentric press and NC hydraulic press for pressing of bolt, female screw/metal nut.
• Drills and equipment for edge and surface grinding.
• Equipment for powder-lacquering for degreasing, phosphatizing, electrostatic application of colors and modern gas ovens with precise temperature regulation mode of color handling.
• Equipment of 3D CAD system SolidWorks by SolidVision.

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