COMWA l.t.d.

We've been on the market for 26 years successfully

We've been on the market for 26 years successfully.
Our company was established in the year 1993 with investors from the Czech republic. Our head office is located in Prestice, wishes 20 km South of Pilsen. Currently we have to operations one still work steel production and powder lacquer Cody both in prestice.
Our company has about hundred employees and the annual sales average hundred and 40 million cramps.
Since it's* the company focuses especially on the German market and its customers as well as other Western European countries. The the export part of our company reaches over 95%. Our long-term experience playing at the German market specifically Plus hour qualified team of employees and I want technical equipment gives us the Billy T offer her product reasonable price Quality and to maintain our deadlines.
In the year 2005 the company received a certificate ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.



Firma si klade tyto záměry v oblasti Politiky integrovaného systému řízení


Keep increasing the stability and power of our company by using the support of our integrated system of management.


Broaden our abilities to satisfy customers needs.


Adapt our product of offered services to our customer, fulfil those needs with quality 100%. To complete those actions within the norms of our integrated system of management according of the acts of legislature, general ordinance, state administration and customer needs included.


Strengthen awareness of the responsibilities of ComWa employees and employees of business entities around the company premises for the condition and environmentally friendly behavior. Promote EMS principles, reduce waste and discharges of pollutants and prevent pollution. Promote this principle also for suppliers of starting materials and services. Contribute through processed programs to reducing the volume of specific waste from the company's operations.


4. To strengthen enter responsibility employee responsibility to our customers and to fulfill them hundred percent.