The Company emphasises these aims for the Integrated Management System Policy:

  1. Improvement of the Company’s stability and. with the support of the IMS system, its ability to achieve a permanent improvement and increase in the effectiveness of conducted activities. 
  1. Adaptation of the range of offered services to the customer’s requirements and fulfilment of these requirements at a 100% quality level. Performance of activities within the scope of the IMS always in accordance with the requirements of valid legislation, applicable legislation, standards and other requirements imposed by state administration, as well as customer requirements. 
  1. Expansion of the ability to satisfy the customer’s specific requirements. 
  1. Boosting the awareness and responsibility of the staff of ComWa and staff of business entities operating alongside the Company in relation to the condition of the environment and their eco-friendly conduct. Implementation of the objectives of the EMS, reduction of the volumes of waste and environmental pollution and prevention of pollution. This principle should also be promoted among the suppliers of originating materials and services. Contribution via prepared programmes to a reduction in the volumes of waste generated by the Company's operations. 
  1. All purchases of products and newly applied as well as existing technology should be re-examined under consideration of the IMS.

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